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The ResQ Disc™ Saves Lives.
Keeps heaviest drowning victim's head above water!
Can be thrown over 100 feet (flies like a frisbee)!
Takes less than 60 seconds to save a drowning victim!

14-year-old Girl Rescued from pond after falling through ice Read the Full Story!

Read the Full Story!

2008 Pontiac, Illinois Live Rescue covered by NBC News
Right-Click HERE and 'Save Target As' to download video.

Two out of three drowning victims are nonswimmers and most drownings occur within 50 feet of shore... So why not carry a simple rescue tool that can easily and accurately be thrown up to 100 feet?

How much is a life worth? You never know when you will need to move from bystander and onlooker to a rescuer. Whether you're a first-responder, an outdoor enthusiast, or just someone who will someday be in the right place at the right time, be equipped and prepared with a ResQ Disc™.

The ResQ Disc™ is currently used and demonstrated in rescue equipment, ocean rescue systems, water sports, marine rescue, search and rescue certification, drowning prevention, and boating safety classes taught by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla's and US Power Squadron chapters throughout the United States.

After nearly 500 known rescues, FOX TV News captured a live action rescue (as seen in the above video) where the ResQ Disc™ was used. See the woman being swept under 4 bridges in 40 degree water while the fire department tried in vain to save her using throw bags, rescue lines, a 30 inch life ring, a ladder and a firefighter in a wetsuit attached to a rope.

Finally after all their attempts failed, she exited from beneath the last bridge as Pontiac Police Officer, Sgt. Morgan went to the trunk of his squad car, took out his ResQ Disc™ and threw it 100 feet into the middle of the swollen river. She grabbed the yellow floating line allowing the ResQ Disc™ to slide into her grasp. Pushing the ResQ Disc™ underwater, she was able to get her head above water & relax while Sgt. Morgan, positioned safely on shore, simply pulled her to safety without risking his life. The rescue, using the ResQ Disc™, took less than 60 seconds...Under One Minute to Save a Life!

Live Rescue
NBC News 2008

Dashboard Camera in
MI State Trooper Car
Captures Ice Rescue...
Now Used in
Training Video

Fox News
Training Video

William Shatner
Heartbeat of America
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